Installing ClamAV from Ubuntu Linux

Most malware are written for Windows because of  its market share, however irrespective of OS platform (Windows or Linux or Android or …), you need a good anti-malware application against viruses, worms, adware and other malware.

ClamAV is free and open source Anti-Virus, also available for Linux.

To install ClamAV,  open terminal and use below command line:

$ sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk

Once installed, you can access ClamAV from dashboard:


You may set some useful preferences:

To update virus definitions, type:

$ sudo freshclam


Enable HTTPS/SSL feature on your Yahoo Mail Account for encrypted and secure email communication!

Like GMail, Yahoo Mail has also started to provide HTTPS/SSL communication feature. You should enable this option for secure email communications. This can protect you against taping and several kind of Man-In-the-Middle attacks.

To enable HTTPS/SSL on your Yahoo Mail Account, go to “Mail Options” on your Yahoo Mail account and select “General” then check “Turn On SSL”, and finally click to “Save:1